Friday, May 26, 2006

Hate reading webpages?

Perhaps its because "Text is usually very wide on the screen, which makes going from the end of one line to the beginning of the next difficult. That's why newspapers have narrow columns: It makes them faster to read.

Enter Tofu.

It takes text that you have copy and pasted onto its window and makes it into easy to read columns.

Try it! Its fantastic!


On Wednesday evening I walked out of westworld 1800 lighter in the wallet.

Do I have any regrets? That I hadn't waited for the 1 gig RAM stick.

Its still faster than my iBook (all skookumed out at 1.33 w/ 1.25 Gigs ram).

Its still not as fast as Dianes totally wicked MacBook Pro.

All well, I am loving it, though I think the battery reports (its so long lasting...) are a little overhyped as this thing is major sucking on the battery. (15% in 30 minutes?!?!) Maybe its just giving me an accurate representation and the iBook was messsed up?

Anyways, I love it. If anyone wants to come over for tea and drooling, I would love to have you!


To further back up my previous post (which I should have titled: Blessed or Wow.)

I am looking at our website stats and they have gone THROUGH the ROOF.

Better than I would have expected. Wow.

Im blown away again..

also, some of the stats we can see are pretty funny.. I mean, come on Windows users, Fess up!!! How many of you are so tantalized by the Mac that 31% of our viewing traffic is on a PC?

Also, I can see something that alarms me: there have been 894 404's. If you get to a link that has nothing on the other end, please let us know RIGHT AWAY. There are rewards in your future for people who help us to make our website better.

Which brings me to my next point. We are hard at work doing stuff that we think might interest you, but if you have any ideas I would love to hear them! We love getting feedback so please let us know what you really thought. You can use an anonymous feedback form.

Thanks again to everyone, we really feel the love!

Mac U


Wait... let me start over.


I mean I knew that we had a winner on our hands with this program, but I had no idea it would be like this.

We are getting queries from all over asking us to bring this program to them.


It just feels so good when you work so hard for something and then all the sudden BAM it happens.

I am so greatful to all of you who are taking it with us this semester, please fill out your feedback comments... its going to help us have a better program.

If you are thinking about joining, please contact us now, we are filling up and thinking about running a second series this summer on a different night. But only if we can get 5 more people signed up.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Website Coming Along

Thanks to everyone who is helping us out with the website. If you find problems, you can win! Let me know at and if it is something we were not aware of, we will give you $20 toward your next class.

Spelling mistakes are only $5, knowing my spelling as I do, I would be bankrupt at $20.